A Penny for Bones, LLC
A Penny for Bones, LLC


Thanks for stopping by. My name is Esra and I am the two legged group member of the "A Penny for Bones" team.


Having two active working dogs is not easy! Both of them need plenty of jobs which include a lot of walks and training in order for me to leave them alone in the house.

Until recently, I worked part-time and was frequently stressed about leaving my wiggles alone. The funny thing is, they manage to sleep the entire day when my husband or I am home until it's close to walk times.

Due to their high need for activity, I decided to open a dog care business called "A Penny for Bones."  I have to thank both of them for making me realize what I like most. Spending time with happy, funny wiggles no matter what the weather conditions are seemed like a fabulous way to spend my days.  

I would love to make every wiggles' life (and therefore yours) less stressful by giving your best friend the opportunity to spend time, inside and out, with the "A Penny for Bones" team (or with just me), where they get the chance to go potty and have fun & love time when you, the loving owner is not able to be with them.



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A Penny for Bones, LLC