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Hi, my name is Bones, and I'm an Aussiedoodle. Until March 2012, my main job was to tire out my two legged pack members, Esra and Dave. I thought it was amazing how much exercise they needed, especially Esra. I made her spend almost the whole day outside with me. If she would go to work, I would start chewing on the top corner of the sofa and annoy our neighbors with my constant barking to show her that she can't just ignore me and go away or what she called "go to work".

I was really good at my job. When I was 6 months old, I already trained Esra so well that she would wake up at 4 am just to make me run for about an hour while she rode 6 miles on her bike. That was fun. Once she was back from work, we would spend the entire day outside, where she would cover at least another 7 miles. She thought that is a lot but I ran back and forth with all my 4 legged friends and would usually cover at least 5 more miles than her. I got way more exercise than she did, but don't want to rub it in.  I also made her visit training and dog sport classes with me, just to get her focus and attention :)

She was pretty good. What she didn't understand was that she can't just go and leave me for 7 hours. She needed the exercise! I think she thought differently. One day she and Dave took me to several different locations where I was introduced to a lot of new dogs. At some point I couldn't stop myself and decided to play with one and that was when Penny came into the picture. :)

Hi, I'm Penny I am an Australian Cattle dog mix. I help my big brother, Bones to get the two legged pack members under control. Bones and I have a lot of fun. Once Esra is back from work, we go out with her so she can get some fresh air and then we just play with our toys, chew each other’s ears and legs, and run and hide in the house till she finally goes out again where we still made her cover a lot of miles. She is pretty fit by now. We go on walks, hikes and bike rides together and we get a lot of social time at the dog park where we play with a lot of different dogs. I really love my new home and can't believe how lucky I was that Bones wanted to play with me the day we met. :)


We are really happy that Esra is so easy to train. But it takes a lot of effort and time. At the end of the day we are happy to finally be able to go to bed and reenergize for the next day.


It would be really nice though if we could find other wiggles who would like to join us in our mission ;)

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