A Penny for Bones, LLC
A Penny for Bones, LLC

Our Philosophy 

I'm sure that lot of wiggle owners would agree that the more stressed or nervous we are, the crazier our wiggles seem to be that day. In my personal experience this would begin in the morning. I might already be stressed in the morning just imagining what Bones & Penny could destroy while I'm gone. They can feel my stress and react by destroying things!


Nowadays it is almost impossible to relax and not worry about even the smallest things. We, from the  "A Penny for Bones" team work towards a less stressful lifestyle. Our goal is to minimize your concern about leaving your best friend alone for several hours where he / she can't go out for a potty braak or where he / she feels abandoned!


We are here to give your wiggle the experience of being a member of our pack! This way we'll reduce the stress level of your wiggle and therefore yours as well!







The "A Penny for Bones"- Team :)

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A Penny for Bones, LLC