A Penny for Bones, LLC
A Penny for Bones, LLC


The circled area on the map below indicates our main service area. If you live within the circle area, our rates include the travel to you. Don't worry if you live outside the circle, we still want to meet you, but we charge a travel fee of 56 cents per mile.

During the time Bones, Penny and I spend with your belowed wiggle or wiggles, we'll make sure that  they are as happy as my own wiggles. I will make sure that accidents in the house will be cleaned and the water bowl is freshly filled. Our service also provides giving your wiggle food and oral medication if needed.


Of course we don't just throw your wiggle in the house when we leave. We'll make sure that he / she gets a little playtime as well as time to calm down before we leave your home.


Cancellation policies: We require 24 hour notice for all dogwalk and playtime reservations and 48 hours for our daycare and sitting services. If you cancel the appointment under these times, you may be charged half the amount of your reservation.

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A Penny for Bones, LLC