A Penny for Bones, LLC
A Penny for Bones, LLC

Fit & Focused

The following services are for dogs who are either extremely active or are easily bored with the daily routine (e.g. herding dogs, huskies etc.).

These services can also be used if your four legged wiggle needs to lose a few pounds in a fun and enjoyable way adjusted to your wiggle's needs!

Since our "Fit & Focus" services serve a specific purpose, our rates include only one dog per activity. Don't worry though if you are a multiple dog household. We can take your other dogs for the same activity but due to a higher difficulty in handling we'll need to charge an extra fee of $10 per extra dog.


Time Distance Price
Running 30 min. 1-3 miles 25,-
Running 45 min. 3-4 miles 30,-
Running 60 min. 5-6 miles 40,-
Biking 30 min. dog dependent* 25,-
Biking 45 min. dog dependent* 30,-
Biking 60 min. dog dependent* 40,-

If you choose one of the activities above we might need a letter from your wiggle's Vet to assure he / she can enjoy the activity without causing him / her any damage (e.g. 10 years or older or highly overweight).

* dog dependent: the distance will be set by your wiggle since every dog, no matter which size or breed, is in different shape!

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