A Penny for Bones, LLC
A Penny for Bones, LLC


Hiking is a wonderful activity for almost every wiggle. Besides being outside and occupied for up to 4 hours, your wiggle gets to smell new areas, or at least areas he / she doesn't get to smell that often. A longer walk like this is really good for mental stimulation and therefore keeps your wiggle mentally and physically fit and healthy.

Don't get nervous if your wiggle sleeps a lot afterwards. They need to sleep in order to work through all the information they just smelled as well as to recover their body. Use the time to cuddle your wiggle and relax yourself ;)

Time  Price $
 2 hours 60,-
3 hours  85,-


Our hiking prices are per dog per hike and our services include picking up and bringing back your wiggle, a mid-walk brake with a little snack and cleaning your wiggle (end of hike) from the dirt he / she collected on the go. During all times we make sure that your beloved wiggle has plenty of water and has a blast.


Since our hikes are most likely pack walks, we might need to shorten the hike, if one of the wiggles is not feeling good and needs special attention. In this case we either don't charge you (2 hour hike ends up being under an hour), charge you only the actual hiking time (3 hours booked, 2 hours hiked) or add the missing time at the end of our next hike  (e.g. missing 30 minutes).

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