A Penny for Bones, LLC
A Penny for Bones, LLC

Walks & Playtime

This service is for all dogs and all age groups. You, the owner, have to decide how long your beloved wiggle should be walked. The walks will include (not as in a professional class) basic manner training (e.g. sit, down, stay, leave it etc.) and a general cleanup (remove dust & leavesfrom feet & fur) before going back in the house.




Type Time Price $
 Pack Walk  30 min.   20,-
 Pack Walk  60 min.  35,-
 Single Walk  30 min.  25,-
 Single Walk  60 min.  45,-
 Dog Park  30 min.  20,-
 Dog Park  60 min.  35,-


We’ll make sure that your beloved wiggle will have the exercise he / she needs. Dog parks can also include parks with a pool / pond if wanted and will include a general cleaning (hose / shower and towel drying) for an extra fee of $3 depending on time intensity.

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